major symptoms of hormone imbalance - pms, weight gain, fatigue, ibs, anxiety, skin + hair changes, low sex drive, insomnia

Feel like you have an imbalance?

Get back to feeling like yourself again with our advanced hormone testing, insights, and support.

Track your progress toward better balance
Get tested to understand your full hormonal picture. Identify imbalances and get a doctor's advice about how to tackle them.

Advanced Hormone Analysis

At-home urine test that analyzes 35 different hormones including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and their metabolites.

Doctor-Designed Health Plan

Get a personalized health plan that covers everything from nutrition to sleep recommendations, built for you by one of our doctors.

*Online Coaching Visits and unlimited messaging

Receive support from a health coach via online visits and messaging to help implement your doctor's plan with our membership plan.

*Only for membership plans

Comprehensive Hormone Care


every three months
Select your testing type:
  • Advanced, at-home testing ordered and reviewed by a doctor

  • Health plan to resolve symptoms created by a doctor

  • Exclusive partner perks and Parsley benefits

  • Online visits with your health coach each month

  • Unlimited messaging with your health coach

  • Follow up testing ordered and reviewed by a doctor, every 3 months

  • Updates to doctor health plan based on test results, every 3 months

*If you are taking hormonal birth control, please check out our FAQ below.
health plan

We help you connect the dots

Our doctors look at conditions and symptoms like insomnia, weight gain, PMS, PCOS, menopause, and fatigue in a different way—a way your doctor probably hasn't thought about. We treat the root cause so that you can get back to feeling like yourself again.

health plan

What's included in a health plan?

Using your test results and intake forms, our doctors design a step-by-step health plan personalized for you that includes diet, supplement, stress management, sleep, and fitness recommendations. This is your blueprint to healthy living.

health coach

What's a health coach?

Your coach will help you make sustainable changes that fit your lifestyle. They provide you with tools, resources, support, and accountability as you work to reach your goals.

“I’ve done bloodwork before with my regular doctor and I felt like they didn’t believe there was anything wrong. But with Parsley, the tests were so much more advanced and in-depth that I was actually able to see what was going on and get to the root of my problems.”


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