Health-coach approved restaurants for eating out in SF

February 1, 2020

Looking for a new restaurant in SF that fits your eating habits? Never fear—we’re here to help. Here is our list of the best Parsley-approved spots in town for you to try on your next night (or day) out. Whether you’re plant-based , gluten-free , or just want fresh and whole ingredients in your meal, there’s a place for you.

Our favorite healthy restaurants in San Francisco

As Quoted

Little Gem


Nourish Cafe

The Plant Cafe



New Tree


Or try these gems in Oakland and East Bay

Cafe 15

Anula’s cafe

Awaken Cafe

Oak Harvest Kitchen (best for vegan)

Cafe Gabriela


Poke Zone


Biryani Indian (best for dairy -free)

Liba Falafel

Roam Burger

Burma Superstar

Whichever spot you choose, focusing on organic plants, healthy fats , and high-quality animal proteins (unless you’re practicing a specific type of eating , of course) will be the key in optimizing your nutrition and reducing inflammation in the body. Don’t be afraid to ask about your meal’s ingredients—it’s more common than you think these days!

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