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March 1, 2023

Have you been wanting more from your primary care physician (PCP)? Do you even have a PCP? Parsley Health members have the option of accessing their healthcare all in one place with Parsley as their virtual primary care provider.

The average American patient spends 15 minutes per year with their primary care doctor, most of whom aren’t trained in functional medicine —which means they likely aren’t educated on how to use nutrition, supplements, proven lifestyle change approaches, and in-depth testing to help identify and treat the root cause of symptoms . This is why 76% of conventional physician visits result in a prescription for a drug, according to the CDC. (That’s for those who even see a doctor—many now just rely on urgent care or jumping from specialist to specialist.)

With so many Parsley Health members requesting an option for primary care, and especially since so many of them treat us like their PCP already, we’ve decided to expand our offering. With virtual primary care, your Parsley medical team brings their commitment to whole-body health to your full healthcare experience, handling all your health needs from the common cold, to chronic condition management, to preventative care.

How Parsley’s virtual primary care works

With our root-cause resolution approach to healthcare, your Parsley Health medical team isn’t just here for when you’re sick—we’re here to support your long-term health and wellbeing, too. Your medical teams’ focus on the underlying factors contributing to your health concerns allows them to treat existing conditions as well as offer preventative care by identifying and preventing risk factors that may affect your health in the future.

Parsley’s world-class providers—doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants—are trained in primary care specialties like family medicine and internal medicine. Unlike conventional PCPs, however, they use Parsley's root-cause resolution approach to healthcare. This evidence-based approach has helped thousands of members not only feel better, but optimize their long-term health while preventing new health concerns from arising.

What does Parsley’s virtual primary care include?

Parsley Health members will already be familiar with our cutting-edge diagnostics and whole-body approach to identifying the real causes of your symptoms. You'll also know all about our personalized care plans, which include guidance for nutrition, movement, stress management, sleep hygiene, supplements, and more. Not to mention the unlimited messaging that all members can access by connecting to their health coach or a care manager at any time.

So, what else is there? With your Parsley medical provider as your virtual PCP, we can coordinate your care with specialists and other healthcare providers when needed, refill your prescriptions, and keep a record of all your medical records. In a nutshell, Parsley's virtual primary care looks like:

  • Care for any health concern from colds to chronic conditions
  • Telemedicine so you can meet with your provider conveniently
  • Refills so you can easily request prescription renewals
  • Referrals when you need them. Parsley will refer out to specialists when clinically indicated and assist in locating a specialist when needed.

(Virtual primary care should not result in any adjustments to your insurance coverage, but we always recommend reaching out directly to your insurance company with any coverage-related questions, or checking in with your care manager.)

As always, Parsley Health doesn't offer same-day visits, urgent care, physicals, or vaccines.

Have any questions about virtual primary care? A Parsley advisor would be happy to answer them. Current members can schedule a call here .

Want to become a Parsley Health member? Learn what Parsley Health can do for you by scheduling a call here .

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