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How to Stay Healthy During Wedding Season

Summer means more daylight, warm weather, days at the beach, and wedding season! As you enjoy all the festivities, it’s easy to let your healthy habits slip. On the dietary front, temptation is everywhere: open bars, an endless stream of hor d’oeuvres, multi-course meals, and of course, wedding cake, not to mention the rehearsal dinners, after parties, and post-wedding brunches. From portion control to trying to follow a specific diet for your health needs, navigating all these celebrations can be intimidating.

No one wants to be “that guest” and cause an inconvenience. Resisting the pressure to drink or have one more slice of cake is equally difficult, particularly at events where you may not know anyone. Still, when it comes to your health, you can’t be ashamed to do what your body needs; it’s much better to be the guest toasting with seltzer, than the guest who ends the night sick.

Parsley Health’s New York-based doctor Lilli Link recommends “bring[ing] something easy and small to the wedding to eat, in case there isn’t much that fits your diet” like nuts or dark chocolate chips. Parsley Health Los Angeles health coach Alyson Roux is also a proponent of bringing snacks but suggests that you speak with staff, particularly the banquet captain who “might be able to ensure you receive a meal that is safe and tasty. It’s better to be safe than sorry.” Packing snacks, or even meals depending on schedule, will also help you stay full and satisfied during your travel to and from weddings.

Don’t forget to check your hair and makeup products for allergens, this is particularly true if you are part of the wedding or having your hair and makeup done by someone else. Roux suffers from a wheat allergy and was “sidelined by wheat in ‘natural’ hairspray at her own wedding.”

Another health saboteur that rears its head during wedding season is being “on” for extended periods of time, which can be exacerbated when your table-mates are strangers, putting out negative energy, or both. Rather than go in dreading the event, New York doctor Soyona Rafatjah tells her patients to take “a positive outlook” and to look for “the good in everyone regardless of what your preconceived notions of them are.” Dr. Rafatjah suggests using meditation and mindfulness to ground you and focus on all the positive aspects of the day (the flowers, the bride and groom’s happiness, a touching toast), rather than letting the negativity of others bring you down.

There’s no denying that wedding season is stressful and you will likely find yourself regretting checking “will attend” on at least one of your invitations. By following these tips, each wedding weekend can be an opportunity for a fun and healthy celebration.

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