How I Finally Resolved An Ongoing Illness After International Travel with Parsley Health

July 18, 2019

As a yoga teacher and lifestyle coach, Lucile knows how important it is to prioritize health. That’s why, when Lucile returned from a trip with an illness that wouldn’t go away, she turned to Parsley Health to help her find answers.

Parsley Health New York member, Lucile Hernandez Rodriguez shares how she recovered from an illness she contracted while traveling and gained so much more in the recovery process.

I moved to New York out of college for my first job in investment banking. I’d just returned from a volunteer trip to India where I had gotten very sick with stomach pain, constant nausea, not being able to eat. My symptoms were not entirely gone and added to the fatigue caused by my intense job. I was constantly getting sicker, wasn’t able to eat anything without feeling bad, and had consistently lower energy levels. Up until that point I had been quite healthy, but I also always thought things like brain fog , fatigue, and getting sick easily—things I’d always dealt with—were normal. After getting sick in India, I knew this couldn’t be normal.

I first tried going to conventional doctors, where I was first treated with antibiotics, then another doctor said it was in my head, and still another told me I should get used to it as nothing could be done. Eventually, I gave up, as no one was able to find what my issue was or help me solve it. I felt helpless. I then experimented with fermented foods and garlic, as this was advised to me by my family against stomach bugs. It helped more than antibiotics, but it was not enough.

I did not want to accept that it was just how my life was going to be right now and I was ready to make any lifestyle changes that would lead to a life where I had more energy to reach my personal goals.

“I believe health and wellness are more than just food, they are a path to realizing your potential in life and being happy.”

A fresh start

I wanted to find a doctor who would be a partner in helping me learn about my own body. I heard about Parsley Health on a podcast and I was interested in becoming a member right away as it was what I had been looking for: a combination of a doctor with a holistic approach that really cares about you and a health coach that helps you reach your goals.

During my first visit with my doctor at Parsley, I felt listened to instead of being talked down to. It was also a more enjoyable experience as we had an in-depth conversation in a nice environment.

My priority was healing fully from this stomach bug and improving my digestion. After in-depth testing, including an allergy test and complete blood panel, we discovered that I am allergic to wheat which I completely cut out from my diet. I was also put on a gut-healing protocol. We worked mostly on making sure I was acting on everything I could act on. I liked this approach better than trying to put a name on a disease.

Next, we focused on my energy levels and quality of sleep with melatonin supplements and meditation . My health coach gave me concrete tips such as drinking a smoothie with maca in the morning or eating healthy fats in the afternoon. I loved being able to contact my health coach or doctor by email and getting actionable advice on how to keep improving my health and energy levels made all the difference.

Challenging the norm

I didn’t realize how much I normalized feeling this bad. However, this is no longer the case. I feel so much better on all levels. My digestive issues are entirely gone and so is my fatigue. I also learned to take better care of my stress levels, anxiety , and sleep. I now have a more positive outlook where I have the tools I need to feel better.

Feeling empowered

I became an expert at my own body and applied this sense of empowerment to other parts of my life. I refocused my career on what I love to do and what I’m good at. This has allowed me to bring more energy to my yoga practice and coaching with clients.

I look forward to optimizing my hormonal wellbeing during my second year at Parsley Health.

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