Parsley Health’s 2018 Healthy Holiday Gift List

December 12, 2018

Looking for the perfect healthy gift idea? We’ve got you covered. Scroll for our favorite wellness gifts!

The secret sauce to a perfect gift is a combination of A.) something they’ll appreciate and B.) something they probably wouldn’t treat themselves to. We’re adding one more thing to that recipe: something that will help them be well. That’s where our favorite healthy gift ideas come in. Find out what the doctors at Parsley Health are asking for and gifting this year.

The Sill Beginner Potted Plants Monthly Subscription Box , $35 a month

Your succulent-obsessed pal will love receiving a new plant from The Sill every month. Not just decorative, NASA researchers have shown that houseplants can remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in just 24 hours. Studies have also found that workers were happier and performed better when their workspace had plants.

No Plans Buttondown and Track Pant PJs , $119

Better sleep equals better health. That’s why we love anything that can help us catch more Zzzs. Having a bedtime ritual—complete with cozy PJs—certainly helps. This new brand’s luxe pajamas make sleep feel like the true luxury that it is.

Dr. Berzin’s Daily Essentials , Limited time holiday pricing of $98

For your supplement-curious friend, start them off with the basics—the same supplements Parsley Health’s founder and CEO takes every day for optimal health. Our Vitamin D3/K2 supports immune function, key for winter months when sunlight is scarcer, magnesium glycinate relaxes the nervous system to promote a deeper sleep, and our Rebuild Protein Powder contains a complete multivitamin including activated B-vitamins to support metabolism and energy.

zivaONLINE meditation course , $399

Your friend’s 2019 New Year’s resolution is to finally start a meditation practice. Help them make it a reality with zivaONLINE, a 15-day course that teaches the basics of meditation in just two 15-minute sessions a day. Meditation has been shown to lower inflammation , reduce stress, and improve mood—that’s why we prescribe it to all of our patients .

Felix Gray blue light-blocking glasses , $95 +

Excessive blue light exposure at night can block melatonin production , making it more difficult to sleep, but blue-light blocking glasses can help to restore melatonin production, shows research . Felix Gray’s glasses help you avoid blue light at night even if you still have some evening emails to send. They can also help you avoid eye strain and headaches if you’re looking at a screen most of the day.

Dry Farm Wine  $88

If you’re going to drink, you might as well pick the good stuff! Dry Farms Wine is sugar-free, additive-free, organic, low sulfite, and low alcohol, so it’s a great pick year-round, but also makes a perfect gift for the host during holiday party season.

Sugarmat Travel Yoga Mat , $55

Photo: Sugarmat

Never miss a downward dog with this foldable yoga mat that comes with its own carrying case. Stretch out after a long flight, get in a workout no matter where you are, and unwind from the stress of travel—yoga helps to relieve stress and reduces your blood pressure. Your nomadic friend will thank you.

Parsley Health Complete Care Gift Card , $1,600

For the most important person in your life, give the lasting gift of good health. Our Complete Care annual membership gets them five doctor’s visits, five health coaching visits, advanced biomarker testing, a personalized health care plan, and member perks with some of our favorite wellness partners.

Molekule Air Purifier , $799

Photo: Molekule

If you have a loved one who deals with allergies or asthma—or just nerds out on the latest technology—Molekule’s home air purifying system is a must have. Using nanotechnology, the device actually destroys pollutants 1000 times smaller than traditional HEPA air filters.

Shelter Co. Weighted Blanket , $385

These sustainable chunky knit blankets are handmade from upcycled and recycled fabric. They’ll keep you cozy all winter, but they may also have some health benefits, early research on weighted blankets shows . Weighted blankets that are more than 10 percent of a person’s body weight have been found to have calming effects and may also aid sleep and reduce insomnia .

Vital Proteins Holiday Sampler Pack , $26

Collagen is a favorite of ours for supporting a healthy gut lining, reducing joint pain, and as a good source of protein. Vital Proteins’ special holiday sampler lets you test out some of their most popular collagen-boosted products, including Mocha, Vanilla, and Coconut Collagen Creamers, the original Collagen Peptides, and Matcha Collagen. Plus, the travel friendly sizes are perfect for holidays on the go. Gift this to your office buddy, favorite yoga teacher, or as a stocking stuffer for your whole family.

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