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Parsley Health Talks to Goop

We’re long time fans of the Goop brand and website. That’s why we were delighted when their editors asked Parsley Health CEO and founder Dr. Robin Berzin to weigh in for a story about health, wellness, aging and supplements. Here’s a sneak peak at what they talked about:


Do you generally prefer single-vitamin supplements or blends?


It always depends on what a patient needs. That’s where what we do is different: At Parsley Health we almost always prescribe food before pills. Good nutrition can solve so many problems faster than medication ever will, which is why we put such an emphasis on personalized testing and health coaching. Our doctors tailor our recommendations based on cutting edge medical testing and clinical results to tailor supplements and diet changes to each person. Then our health coaches act as a guide, setting goals and making sure our patients reach their goals. Everyone needs a health guide. I need a health guide!

Read more over at Goop.

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