What to Expect During Your Free Trial at Parsley Health

Erica Zellner, MS, CNS, LDN
Health Coach
January 29, 2021

Get a taste of holistic medicine and start working with a health coach through Parsley Health’s Free Trial. Learn how you can find relief with holistic medicine; Parsley will be with you every step of the way.

When you think about your most recent doctor’s visit, what comes to mind? Not feeling heard? Unpersonalized care? Being offered a pill—and no other real solutions? Parsley Health was created to be different. We believe in a whole-body approach to care. That means your care team will treat you as a whole, interconnected person, not a collection of symptoms. We make the space to listen to how you feel, and how you want to feel, and our care team takes the journey together with you.

But this type of medicine might be pretty different from what you’re used to—after all, when was the last time a doctor asked you if you were breast-fed or bottle-fed? Or if you are happy with your job? These details matter for your health. So we created our Free Trial so you can start experiencing Parsley’s person-centered medicine with no strings attached and understand how it can help you on your healing journey.

See what a free trial of Parsley Health can do for you

Check in

After you sign up for your Free Trial, the first step is to complete your digital check-in. You’ll start to create your profile and give us the basics on you. This will give you access to your My Parsley Health portal so you can schedule your initial Health Coach visit , view your visit notes later, visit Parsley’s supplement store and use your member discount, and access member-only perks from Parsley partners.

Get quizzed

Parsley Health uses in-depth questionnaires to get to know you before you meet with your Health Coach. This healthy homework takes about 45-minutes to complete, but will give your Care Team a wealth of information about your medical history, current lifestyle, and goals. These aren’t the ordinary forms that you may be used to—we want to know as much as possible, starting from birth. Knowing your complete health history, including your family history, social history, and symptoms (past and present) will help us create an action plan for your health that is uniquely tailored to you. This information makes all the difference in Parsley’s care. Once you’ve completed the questionnaires, you’ll be ready to schedule a visit with your Health Coach.

Meet your Health Coach

Thanks to the medical questionnaires you’ve submitted, your Health Coach will be better equipped to understand your goals and what brought you here. You’ll spend the next 30 minutes discussing your top health priority, health history, current diet and lifestyle, and anything you’ve tried in the past. All of this information is helpful for your Health Coach to collaborate with you on a foundational health plan that lays the groundwork for healing.

Your coach is an expert in four main domains: nutrition , stress reduction, sleep optimization , and physical activity. During your visit, they’ll advise tailored recommendations that may include starting a targeted, therapeutic diet or increasing specific nutrients, or beginning a stress reduction practice to ensure your body is in a better healing state. We often help our members find a meditation practice that resonates, or we may use breathwork to help drive down cortisol in stressful situations. Your Health Coach may even give you some homework to complete, such as a baking soda test to check for suppressed stomach acid levels . The guidance will be individualized to you, and your Health Coach will provide the resources and support to ensure success. You’ll have access to your Health Coach’s recommendations at any time in your My Parsley Health portal. You’ll leave your Health Coach visit feeling empowered, educated, and excited to continue on your healing journey .

Explore more at Parsley

Make the most of your Free Trial by exploring Parsley Perks. Parsley’s clinical team has vetted and approved our products and services that can make your health journey a little easier—and we have exclusive discounts for our members. You may want to try gluten -free, dairy -free, and refined sugar-free meals from Provenance or Methodology , or even start meditating with 10 Percent Happier or MNDFL Video . And because we’re human, too, we also have ways for you to upgrade your health one small step at a time, with biodynamic wine from Dry Farm Wines and refined sugar-free chocolate from Hu Kitchen.

Continuing your care with Parsley Health

After your Free Trial , if you’re ready to continue on and see a MD, DO, PA, or NP trained in functional medicine to get to the bottom of some confusing symptoms, manage a chronic condition, or simply understand your health on a more personal and insightful level, you can opt-in to a 12-month membership at any time.

Once your Free Trial ends, you will be able to choose a payment option (monthly or upfront) and schedule your first visit with your Parsley clinician. Your clinician will continue to build on the foundation that you began with your Health Coach. You’ll leave your first visit with a detailed health plan that may include lab testing or specialty testing to get a deeper look at your health, supplement recommendations, and further advice around nutrition and lifestyle recommendations that are built to address any symptoms or long-term goals. Over time, your clinician and Health Coach will collaborate with you to continuously modify your health plan based on your feelings, lifestyle, and needs, and you’ll have unlimited messaging access to your Care Team for any questions that come up along the way.

Erica Zellner, MS, CNS, LDN
Health Coach

Erica Zellner (she/her) is a Los Angeles-based Clinical Nutritionist and Senior Health Coach with six years of functional nutrition and health experience.  She works with everyone, on issues from biohacking optimizers to tackling complex environmental toxicities like mold. She earned her Master’s degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health from the Maryland University of Integrative Health. She also holds her Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) and Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist (LDN) credentials.

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