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What Inspires Seed + Salt’s Mo Clancy?

For a long time Mo Clancy couldn’t find the kind of food she wanted to eat—completely clean (plantbased, glutenfree, 100%organic with no refined ingredients—that was also delicious, convenient and satisfying.

“Then as I spoke to people I realized that they had the same dilemma,” Clancy explained. “In the city which is a mecca for both health and food I felt there needed to be something here to address it.”


And so the serial entrepreneur and writer founded Seed + Salt in San Francisco as the answer to all of her (and our) culinary desires.

We caught up with Clancy to ask her a few things about what inspires her to make the world a better place and Parsley Health’s new home in the Bay.

Parsley Health

Q. What inspires you to change the world for the better?

A. My son, Magellan. I look around at what’s happening now in the world and say – how can I show him that you can affect change in your own way? How do I show him you need to stand for something? I think about it every day and in everything I do.

Q. Your favorite place to eat in SF besides S + S?

A. I am a big fan of Little Gem and Shizen.

Q: The best workout in the Bay Area?

A: There are so many now but I still believe the best workout is hiking out in Marin, where you work out not only your body, but your soul.

A: Favorite place to get out into nature?

Q: In the city it is the Presidio. It’s truly a magical place with eucalyptus groves and fields of wild cala lillies.

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