4 Ways to Get Exactly What You Want Out of 2017

December 31, 2016

Our health coaches are one of the things that sets Parsley Health apart from other medical practices. We know that working with a health coach helps our patients both plan for and reach their goals. This week, coach Samara Zelniker reveals how to actually keep your New Year’s resolutions.

January is often a time to reflect on the year that has passed, think about what worked (and what didn’t) and devise the best way to move forward. The word ‘resolution’ can be overwhelming and carries an uncomfortable amount of baggage.

That’s why I have a different strategy, one that I’ve been sharing with Parsley Health  to help set them up for success as they plan resolutions, life changes and goal-setting for 2017.

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Get clear on what it is YOU want

We often do what we think we should, what is safe, what seems logical what is better for everyone else. But can you get real and ask yourself what you really want? I often compare this to eating chocolate. Sometimes we will eat five other things in order to avoid eating the chocolate before eventually caving and reaching for the sweet morsel. If we were real with ourselves from the start we would have just eaten the chocolate and then we would be done with it! Honor what you really want and just eat the chocolate…70%+ dark chocolate and in moderation of course!

Be intentional with your time

In order to avoid having another year go by where you mutter to yourself “where did the time go?” break the year down into 4 parts and view it 3 months at a time. Goals are way more attainable when we view things in a shorter more measurable timeline.

Find out what makes you happy and do it everyday

When we are happy, good things happen to us. Period. Happiness doesn’t just happen. It is cultivated by doing small things on a daily basis that create our reality. Committing to these acts the same way you would honor any other commitment is vital to sustaining it. It doesn’t matter whether it is yoga, writing, painting or skydiving that makes you happy. Just do it, and do it often.

Release your fears

We all have those thoughts and worries that we think of constantly. These can be similar to a hamster running on a wheel that will never go anywhere. You probably don’t even remember what life was like without them. Well guess what? Most of the things you are worrying about NEVER happen. These thoughts are taking up valuable real estate in your mind. When you notice yourself getting stuck on this wheel, take out a paper and pen and write them down. Once on the page, they are out of your mind and can free up space for inspiration, creativity and connection. I like to keep a paper and pen on me at all times so I can release my fears as soon as they come up!

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