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A Healthier Lunch on the Go: Grain-Free Faux Chipotle Bowl

So many people are confused about why their diet should be grain-free or gluten-free. They worry that they’ll no longer be able to enjoy one of life’s great pleasures—eating good food!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean giving up the foods you love. It means finding a diet and nutrition plan that works for you.

That’s just one of the reasons our doctors work so closely with highly trained health coaches to help patients figure out what foods they need and what they should cut out.

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Impaired digestion is at the root of many health issues. Without a well-functioning digestive system, the body struggles to pass along nutrients to our cells. So what can you do about it? The good news is that it doesn’t take a massive overhaul to improve digestion— often we just need some fine tuning.

One of the changes we encourage is for patients to cut out gluten.

“Gluten intolerance can cause headaches, joint pain, fatigue, brain fog, gas, bloating, acne, eczema and other symptoms. I commonly see people in my practice who remove gluten from their diets and see huge improvement in these areas,” explains Parsley Health Founder and CEO Dr. Robin Berzin. “It might help to take a break from gluten for a little while. Remove all refined grains and processed foods along with potential immune triggers like gluten and dairy from your diet for at least 6 weeks, then talk to your doctor and a health coach about reintroduction and the right balance of gluten in your diet.”

Parsley Health offers personalized plans to help our patients figure out the best nutrition plan for them. Schedule a free call with one of our health experts today!

That’s just one of the reasons we love this Grain-Free Faux Chipotle Bowl from Parsley Health Ambassador, Courtney Swan.

Grain-Free Faux Chipotle Bowl

(Serves 2-3)
(All organic)

Head of cauliflower (or bag of riced cauliflower)
Organic chicken (I used organic fire roasted red pepper chicken sausage)
1 white onion, chopped
1 garlic clove
1 Red bell pepper, chopped
Pinto Beans (I used pre-cooked Better Beans)
Handful of chopped Cilantro
Juice of 1/2 lime
Pink salt


  1. Cut your cauliflower into 4 sections, throw a section at a time in the blender or food processor. Blend/process until a rice like consistency. You can also buy riced cauliflower in the produce or freezer section.
  2. Sautée your cauliflower rice with avocado oil and pink salt until hot.
  3. Put aside to let cool slightly
  4. Sautée half of your chopped white onion with the garlic and the chopped red bell pepper
  5. Meanwhile, heat the beans over the stove in a pan over medium/low
  6. Dice up your chicken sausage (or chicken breast) and sautée with the other half of your white onion
  7. Toss your cilantro rice with the lime juice and cilantro

Finally, build your bowl! Top with guacamole and salsa

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