Parsley Health 101 - Welcome - Parsley Health
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Parsley Health 101

We are so excited that you’ve joined the Parsley community, and cannot wait to start guiding you on your path to wellness!

Our 5 Point Philosophy- Welcome!

1. We practice a different type of medicine.

Parsley Health is a groundbreaking medical practice of highly trained board-certified doctors and health coaches. We take a smarter, whole approach to helping you live a healthy life.This means we focus on resolving the root causes of your health problems and emphasize non-drug solutions that include food, natural supplements, and lifestyle change. That said, we still prescribe you medications and refer you to specialists when appropriate, and for many people we replace their primary care doctor.  We also do in depth, cutting-edge testing to help you understand the nuances of how your body is functioning today, and to track your progress over time.

What does functional medicine really mean? Let’s use a simple example to show the difference between conventional medicine, integrative (or eastern/western) medicine and functional medicine.

Let’s say you’re not sleeping, and the insomnia is interfering with your work and your life.

  • A conventional doctor will give you a sleeping pill like Ambien.
  • An integrative doctor will give you an Ambien and an herb.
  • A functional doctor will want to know why you’re not sleeping, and will help you solve the root cause of the problem, whether it’s a hormone imbalance, anxiety, poor sleep habits or inflammation.
    It’s that simple.

In today’s world we are often living ourselves sick instead of well, through poor lifestyle and food choices, combined with sedentary lifestyles and toxic environments. These basic factors are driving many of the common problems we face: from weight gain to diabetes to autoimmune disease.

2. Membership Is the Best Model For Your Health Care

You don’t get healthy going to the gym once a year. You’re not going to get healthy seeing your doctor once a year either. We work with you over the course of the year in order to get to know you and get to the root cause of what’s bothering you. Meaningful change is not a quick fix and this type of care takes time.

With your membership, you have access to an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated care team that is committed to seeing you achieve greater vitality over time.

You’re now part of a community of like minded individuals who are striving to do the same things you are: heal from the underlying causes of chronic illness, improve overall performance and fitness, and live happier, more fulfilled and energized lives.

3. Data Takes the Guesswork Out of Medicine

We believe that to live your healthiest life you need data. Specifically you need your personal data, presented in an easy to understand way and used to help guide your support team to precise decisions relevant to you.

This is why we do three revolutionary things at Parsley.

First, we give you full online access to your data, labs, scores and notes online so that you can access them anytime, anywhere. Our technology platform is fully collaborative – meaning communication is always two-way.

Second, we track the health outcomes of all of our members in order to ensure that we are constantly improving your care now and the care we offer in the future to our community.

Third, we compensate our doctors and coaches based on two key measures: how healthy their patients are, and how happy they are with Parsley’s service. Traditional western medicine compensates doctors based on how many patients they see and how many prescriptions they write. At Parsley, we’re more invested in the quality of our care over the amount of patients we see.

4. Coaching Enables Positive Change

At Parsley Health, we find that working with your health coach compliments your care plan as it helps create meaningful, lasting change. You can be given a plan by your doctor but if you don’t know how to implement that plan, you’re not going to be very successful.

That’s where your health coach comes in – together, you and your coach work to put your plan into action. Think of this person as your personal wellness guru, your accountability partner, and your bottomless resource for support and advice.

Now, like any relationship, coaching is a two way street. Our online platform empowers you to communicate easily and regularly with your coach. Take advantage of this amazing aspect of your care!

5. Community Creates Lasting Impact

As individuals, we are mostly the sum of the people around us. In most cases, your social life is a bigger determinant of your health than your genetics!

This is why we have regular community events for members, online educational webinars, an award winning blog full of essential tips and information, and a suite of exclusive partnerships from acupuncture to online food co-ops to natural skin care products.

We invite you to check out our community and to share your wellness story on social media, at our live events, and with your friends and loved ones. Because when you involve your community, you leverage the power of others to help you transform.

  1. A comprehensive membership
  2. A smarter, whole approach to medicine
  3. Supportive care & coaching
  4. State of the art data
  5. Vibrant community

These are our guiding principles at Parsley Health.

Welcome to high-tech holistic health care. We are so glad you are here.

Your Membership

What is Included

  • Doctors visit(s)
  • Coaching visit(s)
  • Unlimited email and messaging access to the Parsley Health team on our online portal (care plans only)
  • Online scheduling
  • Prescriptions and refills for medications / supplements

In addition to our services, as a Parsley member you’ll have access to

  • In-depth lab testing
  • Access to our private online supplement dispensary at a discounted price
  • Exclusive members-only events
  • Community benefits and discounts

What’s Not Included

  • The cost of supplements, detox programs, and any out of pocket costs for lab tests that are not included in your membership fees
  • Additional visits outside of those included with membership tier come with an additional fee
  • A 24/7 emergency answering service is not available at Parsley Health today. If this is important for you to have, we recommend you have an urgent care service that offers walk-in visits and off-hours phone availability for doctors

Getting started

The ‘My Parsley’ patient portal

Now that you have officially signed up as a Parsley member, you’ll gain access to the My Parsley patient portal which will allow you to schedule visits, view your lab results, communicate with your care team and more.

If you are having trouble accessing your login information please email us at

Before your first visit – don’t forget!

Please fill out all of the Parsley Symptom Index (PSI) questionnaires, other onboarding questionnaires and consent forms located in the “Questionnaires” tab of your patient portal.

This gives your doctor the health information they need to prepare for your visit and the consent we need to provide you with service. We need these on file before we see you for your first visit.


What to Expect From Your Doctor

Visit 1

The initial visit with your Parsley doctor will be focused on reviewing your personal medical history from the time you were born to the present and what you are currently experiencing. The purpose of this visit is to create a biography of your life and your health. The initial visit establishes a broad view of your health history in order to best understand how your personal story has led you to the state of health you are experiencing today.

From there we create a plan based on your needs. This plan may include diet and lifestyle changes, as well as prescriptions for supplements and/or medications. Any additional blood work and specialty lab testing will also be ordered during this visit based on your physician’s clinical judgement. All testing is optional.

The initial visit establishes a meaningful and authentic relationship with your doctor. If you do not feel that this has happened after your initial visit please let us know and we are happy to connect you to another doctor that you feel more aligned with.

Visit 2 (care plans only)

Your second visit with your Parsley doctor will be a 60 minute visit scheduled roughly 30 days after your initial visit. The purpose of this visit is to go through all initial test results and to check in on how you are feeling after 30 days following your plan.

At this time the doctor will refine your plan based on results and your response to the initial protocol.

Follow up visits (care plans only)

All follow up visits are 30 minutes. They will be used to review any follow up testing your doctor has ordered and to further refine your plan based on your response to the treatment plan.

You can use these visits to track your progress, report any new symptoms, and voice any other health-related concerns that you may have.

What about emailing your doctor?

You have unlimited access to your Parsley doctor via email through our online patient platform. However, please note that if an email request is deemed too involved or lengthy for a quick response, we may require that you schedule an in-person, phone, or video visit to connect with us directly.

Health coaching

What to expect from your health coach

Visit 1

The first visit with your health coach is 50 minutes. In this session, you will go over the plan that was designed for you by your Parsley doctor. Together, you and your coach will decide on an approach to implementing a realistic and goal-driven plan.

During this visit, you and your health coach will go over your top three goals for your health and wellness, as well as address any issues you may have surrounding diet, exercise, sleep, and stress.

Your coach should help answer any questions you have about using the patient portal and set up a schedule for follow up visits.

Subsequent visits (care plans only)

Subsequent visits are designed to help track your progress, hold you accountable to your goals, and to provide you with the support you need to be successful. These visits will be 30 minutes and can be held up to twice a month. You can also always use the patient portal for quick questions you have.

You don’t have to meet with a coach – it’s your choice – but our data shows that the members who connect with their coach regularly have the best outcomes.

Your coach is a great resource for:

  • Nutritional guidance
  • Fitness guidance
  • Recipes and shopping lists
  • Healthy restaurants near you
  • The best apps, videos, and online tools out there
  • Your coach can also answer any questions you have on supplements. To note, your coach is not the person who interprets your lab tests as that is your doctor’s role. However, your coach can relay any medical concerns you have to your doctor- as they work side by side.

Community benefits

Your Parsley Health membership comes with a wide range of community benefits and discounts.  For a full list of Parsley perks please visit

How to get the most out of your membership

Your Parsley membership is like a gym membership, the more you engage with us the more you will get out of it! We are here to support you as much as you need. If you fall off track for a month, it’s okay! That is the beauty of having a membership with us. We will be here to support you when you are ready to come back.

We also encourage you to participate in our community benefits – cooking classes, monthly webinars, members-only discounts, events, group sessions and outings. The more you use your membership the more you will benefit!

Terms & cancellation


For detailed information on the terms of your Parsley Health package, please visit



If you change your mind, you have 60 days from the day you register online to request a refund. If you have not come in for your initial doctor visit, you will receive a full refund less a non-refundable $150 registration fee.

Care plans only

If you have already had your initial visit with your doctor and you wish to cancel, you will receive a refund minus the $150 registration fee and an additional cancellation fee of $500. This cancellation fee is to cover our cost of the doctor and administrative time costs incurred from your initial visit.

Once you have had your second visit at Parsley (doctor or health coaching visit), your membership is considered activated and is nonrefundable.

Why? Because this membership is designed to be a commitment. It takes more than one visit to see log term results. Once you have had your first visit, not only have you met with your Parsley doctor for longer than most primary care doctors spend with their patients in 5 years, but you also have begun your journey.

If you do not like your doctor or your coach you can always try someone new. If you have any concerns at all, please tell us. We are here to help make this experience work for you.

If you want to cancel your membership, please email with subject line “Membership Cancellation Request.” We hate to see you go, but would love to keep you living the Parsley life.


The supplements we recommend at Parsley are medical-grade, research-backed, and only sold through providers. We do not typically recommend supplements off the shelf at your local drugstores because the market is not regulated, so we cannot be sure of exactly what is in them. Our supplement manufacturers put their formulas through rigorous testing so we know that they are safe and can be trusted.

Please note that you are under no obligation to purchase supplements through Parsley Health! We will be very mindful of your budget and your own plans for treatment, and are always happy to work with you to come up with a plan that you feel comfortable with.

Commonly prescribed supplements

Here is a list of the supplements most commonly prescribed at Parsley Health:

Gut Health

How to Order Supplements

Certain supplements can only be purchased in house or online at the Parsley Health store.

Other supplements can be purchased in house, online at the Parsley Health store, or through Fullscript.

To get a supplement prescription filled, please submit your request through your patient portal account.

Once validated, your Parsley doctor or health coach will send a prescription to your email for any supplements that need to be purchased from FullScript. Simply follow the link in this email to purchase!

If you are having trouble finding a supplement, please reach out to your lab manager or health coach.

Speciality testing

At Parsley we offer a wide range of in-depth specialty testing to help build up a comprehensive picture of what is going on in your body. This helps us pinpoint the root cause of your health issues and allows us to better inform your treatment.

Here is a rundown of the most common specialty tests we offer at Parsley Health:

4 Point Cortisol Salivary Test

Looks at how the adrenal glands are functioning, determines the level of adrenal fatigue and indicates how daily stress is affecting your cortisol curve throughout the day

Comprehensive Stool Testing

Provides immediate, actionable clinical information about the overall health of the GI tract, helps identify inflammatory conditions, parasites/candida, and other digestive imbalances

Urine Toxic Metals

Evaluates exposure to potentially toxic elements

Genetic Testing

Assesses a small part of the genome and reports on drug metabolism and overall detoxification

Parsley’s Proprietary Blood Panels

Nutrient deficiencies, female/male hormones, allergens and antibodies to gluten, mold and other common irritants, cardiovascular health including NMR lipid profile, serum heavy metals, autoimmune screening

For more details, instructions and prices of speciality tests, please read our guide to specialty testing.