Parsley Health on The Today Show: Rebuilding Primary Care
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As Seen on The Today Show

Learn how we've saved our members $1,000s.

We too were tired of the inefficiencies in the healthcare sector and created Parsley Health because we knew primary care could do better than a 15-minute visit and reliance on prescriptions.

How our approach has transformed primary care

Keep reading to learn about how we operate and what type of healthcare we believe everyone should have access to in 2018.

1. You can schedule online.

If you are stuck in a round-robin of phone calls, voicemails, and messages left with secretaries with your doctor, there is a better way. At Parsley Health, all scheduling is done with one click online.

2. You can message your doctor directly.

Today’s doctors can’t bill insurance for anything but a visit. As a result, doctors hide behind a wall of phone numbers fax machines and administrative staff and only want to talk to you in person.

Luckily at Parsley Health, we operate outside the insurance system so we don’t have them dictating how we can talk to our patients. We talk to you like anyone else does —over email, secure messaging, video, and also in person—whatever works for you.

3. We treat the root cause of your symptoms.

70% of primary care visits in the United States result in a prescription drug and too many physicians have become “ATMs for pills.” Sadly, the pressure to “fix it and fix it fast” has led to a culture of over-prescribing.

At Parsley Health, we use cutting-edge diagnostics and a whole-body, systems-biology approach to identify the real causes of your symptoms. We create a personalized plan for you that includes nutrition, lifestyle, mental health and knowing your personal story. This means we address your current problems and help you live a healthier life.

4. We always prescribe nutrition advice.

Most doctors learn nothing about nutrition in medical school, and many still believe the (very wrong) opinion that “what you eat doesn’t matter.” This is shocking in a world where over 90% of diseases people have are chronic and lifestyle-driven diseases created by what we eat, chronic stress, nutrient deficiencies, and the destruction of our bacterial ecosystem by bad foods and antibiotics.

Foods are the heart of the solution and doctors who aren’t focused on this are missing 90% of the picture. At Parsley Health, our healthcare practitioners will always prescribe you nutrition advice.

5. We don’t charge by the visit.

A doctor who bills you for each hour of their time is incentivized— whether they realize it or not—to see you more. At Parsley Health, through our unique membership model we bill a flat annual fee for our services, so we are incentivized for you to get better, not to rack up hours.

Meet the doctor with $0 co-pays.