Holistic diagnostic tests provide real results.

advanced testing

In-depth testing for deeper healing.

Tests through traditional health care are often very limited. At Parsley, you get advanced, personalized tests that help create a plan and change how you feel. Testing is in addition to your membership fee, so you and your doctor will decide which tests will be most valuable. We help you select tests that fit your health goals, insurance and budget.

Healing your body, inside and out.

Get to the root.

Your Care Team uses their in-depth knowledge of your health to advise on what tests are right for you, so that you can get to the bottom of your symptoms and start healing.

Understand the data.

Your doctor will review test results with you in detail so that you’re armed with in-depth knowledge about your own health.

Create a customized plan.

Your doctor and health coach use your test results, health history and symptoms to design a personalized health plan that drives real results.

The types of advanced testing we offer.

Testing is an additional cost outside your Parsley membership.


Our blood work goes much deeper than what’s offered by most doctors. These tests are typically covered by insurance or FSA/HSA.

Specialty tests

Each of our specialty tests probes further into a specific health issue. These tests are often covered by FSA/HSA.

We cover all the angles.

Our comprehensive testing options include everything from thyroid panels and blood count tests to gut microbiome and food sensitivity tests.

Blood work

Essential nutrients
Thyroid function
Cardiovascular health and metabolic functioning
Inflammatory markers

Specialty tests

Gut microbiome and digestive function
Stress and reproductive hormone testing
Food sensitivity
Energy and metabolism evaluation
And many more...

Give us a call.

Schedule a free call and we can answer any additional questions about advanced testing and membership.

When you need testing, you’ve got options.

Parsley Center
Schedule a visit to get blood drawn at one of our flagship locations in New York and Los Angeles.
Local Lab
We work with most labs, including LabCorp, Quest, and Bioreference, and can help find a lab near you.
At Home
Many of our specialty tests can be done by mail: we ship you a kit, you provide a sample and return.

Customizing your care.

All advanced tests are offered as costs additional to your Parsley membership. We partner with you to align on the tests that are right for you.

Helping you navigate.
We make sure you understand the importance of each test and why it’s meaningful for your care so you can make an informed decision.
Personalizing to your budget.
Advance testing at Parsley is always optional. We work with you to review your options and your budget, and only go forward with the tests you choose.
Working with your insurance.
Blood work is often covered by insurance. Many members use their FSA/HSA to help with the cost of speciality tests.

Frequently asked questions.

What is advanced testing?

Advanced testing consists of personalized biomarker testing and specialty testing that will provide in-depth knowledge on different aspects of your health to your care team. The costs of testing are not included in the price of your membership. We’ll look at things like nutrient levels, inflammation markers and a full hormone panel, just to name a few!

We are looking for results that show optimal health, not just 'in-range' values. All of this information, in conjunction with your health history and current symptoms, will help your care team put together a detailed lifestyle plan and protocol together for you.

Is the cost for advanced testing included in my membership?

While costs for blood work, specialty tests , and supplements are not included in the membership price, blood work can usually be covered by insurance . Please call your insurance company before completing blood work to understand your coverage, so that you’re not surprised by any unexpected costs. Specialty tests range in cost from $100 - $350. All testing, however, is completely optional. We’re here to help answer your questions along the way!

What types of diagnostic testing does Parsley Health perform?

We offer both standard blood work and in-depth specialty testing to help construct a comprehensive picture of your health and better inform treatment. A personalized testing plan will be recommended by your doctor. Some of our most frequently prescribed specialty tests assess allergies, cortisol, genetics and microbiome health.

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