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The Parsley 7 Day Detox

Cleanse and revitalize with quality supplements


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Feel clean fit and refreshed with Parsley’s proven and easy to follow 7 day detox program! The Parsley 7-day Detox compliments a healthy diet for a well-rounded, nutritious detox. Use the protein shake to quickly increase energy, vitality and clarity to give your body a break from inflammatory triggers, while daily digestive supplements provide balance through probiotics, herbal formulas, and enzymes.

How it Works
  • Breakfast: 26 grams of protein packed smoothie.
  • Lunch: eat a balanced, plant-based paleo lunch—focused on greens, protein, and healthy fat—and the Parsley Health digestive supplements.
  • Dinner: 26 grams of protein packed smoothie or a balanced, plant-based paleo dinner.
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