Talk to a doctor online about your health concerns.

How our Virtual Check-Up works
Step 1: Tell us about you

Create an account, submit your symptoms and primary concern to build a health profile for your doctor to review ahead of time.

Step 2: Schedule your video visit

Book your 30-minute visit today, and see a doctor through a secure video visit as soon as tomorrow.

Step 3: Meet your doctor online

Your doctor will take time to explain your health risks, discuss your concerns and recommend ways to maximize your health right now.

Step 4: Get your personal plan

After your visit, get a personal plan with actionable recommendations on nutrition, supplements, anxiety, sleep and more.

Our Areas of Expertise
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Mental Health
Heart Disease

More than just a doctor visit

Our highly trained virtual doctors get to know you and spend 3x longer with patients than traditional doctors. This is because in addition to primary care, they are also trained in nutrition, lifestyle, and modern medicine to diagnose and treat illness at the root.

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What’s Included In Your Check-Up

FSA / HSA Eligible

Use flexible spending dollars or submit as out-of-network care and get up to 70% reimbursed.

Parsley Symptom Index

Use our exclusive symptom tracker and health index to easily build a health profile online.

Doctor Collaboration

Our board-certified physicians get to know you and spend 2x longer with you than traditional doctors.

Rx & Supplements

We can write prescriptions & recommend pharmaceutical grade supplements.

Access From Anywhere

See our doctors with online video visits from the comfort of your home.

Personal Health Plan

From eating and exercise to sleep and supplements, we make a tailored plan for you.

Frequently asked questions
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Is this an urgent or acute care visit?
Will the doctor be able to order lab work, specialty tests, a COVID-19 test or review past testing of mine?
Can I use FSA, HSA, or insurance?
Can I get prescriptions filled in this visit?
Can I message the doctor before or after the visit?
Where is the Parsley Check-up available?
Does this include health coaching visits?
What are my options for continuing care with Parsley after this visit?
Do I need to have health insurance for this Check-up?

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