Functional Medicine NYC, LA, SF | Advanced Medicine, Nutrition and Wellness
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You deserve a better doctor.

For less than $5 a day, get primary care with fewer prescriptions, personalized guidance, and real results.

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Redefining Primary Care

The only primary care medical practice with a whole-body approach, combining nutrition, lifestyle, and cutting-edge medical testing. Find out if we're right for you.

Healthcare is broken.
But we’re here to fix it.

What you’re getting from your doctor isn’t enough—short visits, unresolved symptoms & excessive prescriptions.

We’re setting a new precedent with the highest quality of care.

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We get to know you.

Our visits are 4x longer because our doctors take time to learn your health story.

Strong doctor-patient relationships are associated with lower health care costs and better outcomes.

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Advanced medical testing

Your doctor recommends a personalized testing plan to construct a comprehensive picture of your health and inform treatment.

How It Works


60% of adults have at least one chronic condition—the majority of which are modifiable or reversible.

The Center for Disease Control

Other Doctors

1 Visit

avg. visits per year

15 min

avg. visit length

7 out of 10

visits result in a prescription

Basic lab testing

only scratches the surface

No additional support

after you leave the office

The Parsley Health Difference

Parsley Health

5 visits

avg. visits per year

60 min

avg. visit length

1 out of 10

visits result in a prescription

Advanced biomarker testing

to dive deep into your health

Unlimited messaging

with your doctor, anytime

Why it matters

Get more 1 on 1 time with your doctor

And longer appointments for better quality care

Reduce prescription dependency

Test over 1,000 biomarkers & understand your complete health

Get continuous support, whenever you need it

Find out if Parsley Health is right for you. Schedule a free consult with a health advisor.

“To get a feel for the Parsley Health experience, take the most depressing stereotypes you have about going to the doctor…and flip them.”

“If 90% of health is dependent on social determinants, then shouldn’t your doctor know what’s going on in your life?”

In person or Online

Your doctor should be convenient. After your first visit, you can select online or in-person follow-up appointments.

New York




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Get Parsley Health's functional primary care.

For less than $5 a day.

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Find the plan for you.

Our range of memberships let you choose your frequency of care.

Get your 360° evaluation.

Our doctors build a complete picture by testing over 1,000 biomarkers.

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See real results.

We track your progress to ensure you not only meet, but exceed your goals.