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Dining Out

Our Favorite Places to Eat Without Cheating

Elegant, sexy, fun, casual restaurants to eat healthy, clean and delicious food.

New York City

Angelica’s Kitchen {Organic Plant-Based Cuisine}     

ABC Kitchen {Fresh, Organic, Local Ingredients + Fresh Ambiance}

Beyond Sushi {Vegan & Vegetarian Sushi}

Blossom du Jour {100% Vegan Fast Food}

Candle Cafe  {Farm-to-table Organic Vegan Cuisine}

Cannibal Beer & Butcher  {Sustainable Meet + Seasonal Vegetables}

Cafe Clover {Seasonal Local Cafe}

Colonia Verde {Clean Latin American}

Comodo {Farm-to-table Latin Inspired}

Ellary’s Greens {Organic Café}

Hu Kitchen {Paleo Fast Food}

Mulberry & Vine {Local, Seasonal, Organic Cuisine}

Organic Avenue {Organic Fast Food + Juices}

Peacefood Cafe {Cozy Vegan Café}

Souen {Organic Macrobiotic Cuisine}

Spring Natural Kitchen {Healthy-minded Meals}

The Butcher’s Daughter {Juice Bar & Café}

The Little Beet Table {Gluten-free Bistro}

Los Angeles

Cafe Gratitude {100% Organic & Plant-Based}

Elf Cafe {Organic Vegetarian}

Gracias Madre {Plant-based Mexican}

Lifefood Organic {Raw Food}

Super Food Cafe {Gluten-free, Organic, Plant-based}

Tar & Roses {Clean, Local}

True Food Kitchen {Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free}

San Francisco

Bar Jules {Clean, Farm-to-table}

Gracias Madre {Plant-based Mexican}

Millenium {Local, Farm-to-table}

NOPA {Urban Rustic & Organic Wood-fired Cuisine}

Nopalito {Organic Mexican}

The Plant Cafe {100% Organic Produce & Free-Range Animal Products}

Trou Normand {Local, Farm-to-table}