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The next-generation of primary care is personal.

Parsley Health takes a functional, whole body approach to medicine, and believes in real, genuine doctor-patient relationships.

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Getting to know the real you.

During your first visit you’ll meet your doctor and health team for 75 minutes—five times what’s typically spent on primary care. In addition to a detailed history and physical, they’ll focus on your goals, answer questions, build your profile, and get you started with a base plan.

Track your health from the start.

Your plan is based on over 1,000 biomarkers and our proprietary symptom monitoring. Combine that with advanced testing—from genes to the microbiome and toxins—for meaningful information to live your best life.

Just a tap away.

Join Parsley in seconds and manage your healthcare from anywhere with the easy-to-use My Parsley dashboard. Get fast responses to messages and book appointments for an office visit at one of our beautiful locations or video chat with us from your couch.

A balanced, happy you.

Meet regularly with your certified Health Coach for guidance, support, and new know-how.  You’ll define a plan that’s right for you—including nutrition, exercise, and relaxation. Our patients who work with a coach are twice as likely to reach their health goals.

365 day journey.

Good health comes from continuous collaboration—not one-off visits—so we designed our membership around it. And it’s working. Our data shows members get past chronic illnesses, like insomnia, IBS, eczema, and PMS, all while reducing the need for expensive specialists.

All-in-one value from your doctor.

Get trusted advice from board-certified doctors trained in nutrition and wellness. For $150 a month you can save thousands of dollars each year because your medical team offers a sustainable approach—one that avoids unnecessary medical spending.

“I was spending $800/mo on unncessary asthma medication. Now I’m medication free.” — Stella

Your health, your way.

Parsley Assessment

For people looking for a one-time 360º evaluation and a personalized 7-part health plan for living healthier.

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Complete Care

For people who want continuous care; a holistic approach, smarter diagnostics, and an always-there partner in health.

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