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Parsley Health for Companies

Be a workplace superstar by reducing costs and boosting employee productivity with Parsley Health’s comprehensive, whole approach to healthcare. We offer workshops and sponsored membership options for organizations of all sizes.
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How Parsley Health Works

We are board-certified primary care doctors and health coaches who have broken ranks with the old ways of health care to take a transformative and personalized approach to medicine.

  • Through an annual membership, our doctors and health coaches take the time to know your employees and their individual stories, working with them in person or virtually as they choose
  • We thoughtfully use state of the art diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of what’s bothering them
  • Then, together we curate the best possible medical, nutrition and fitness plan for your team. The result is employees that are happy, well and in control of their own health

The Results

  • 60% fewer prescription drugs vs. traditional primary care
  • 250+ minutes with your doctor each year vs. 19 minutes with your traditional GP
  • Less need for IVF and other high cost fertility treatments
  • Fewer visits to specialists like derm, psych and gastroenterology, and urgent care
  • Tens of thousands of dollars saved by stopping unnecessary medications

What you get from Parsley Health

Reduced cost.

Productivity boosts.

Increased happiness.

Key Benefits

  • Medical costs decrease approximately $3.27for each $1.00 a business spends on wellness programs (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  • Companies with wellness programs see an 8% increase in employee productivity. (Institute for Consumerism)
  • 77% of employees report health and wellness programs positively impact the culture at work (Aflac Workforces Report)

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Program Options

Today we work with corporations like Equinox and WeWork that are looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees, maintain competitive advantage, and better understand the underlying health issues that drive productivity and retention.

Step 1: Wellness assessment and workshop: understand your team’s deeper health needs


Parsley Health anonymously surveys your employees across the most important domains of health (sleep, stress, weight, hormone, digestive, cardio/metabolic, immune). We interpret this data and share it with you.


Our physicians come to your office to lead a constructive workshop with your team that’s based on their unique needs and focused on strategies to improve their wellbeing through nutrition, supplements, stress reduction, movement and testing.



Step 2: Parsley Health Membership:
The ultimate health benefit and perk

Discounted membership:

Parsley Health offers companies that sign up 20 or more employees a corporate discount of 15%, making the annual membership just $125/month per employee for comprehensive, personalized medical care and coaching delivered seamlessly online and in person.

Buy in:

You don’t get well if you don’t have skin in the game, so we require all employees participating in a corporate program to contribute a minimum of $100/year toward their membership.

Your contribution, your choice:

Contribute any amount toward the annual membership for employees that works for your budget and goals.

How it works:
  • Dedicated signup page and customer service representative for your team
  • Monthly virtual or onsite workshops with our MDs and coaches**
  • De-identified analytics provided annually including:Engagement, satisfaction and utilization
  • Health outcomes data for your organization
  • FSA/HSA dollars may be used for some of our services***
  • Advice on your health insurance plan: Some companies move employees to lower cost plans in combination with Parsley Health’s cutting edge care
    *All members must be seen in person for their initial doctor’s visit. After that all visits can be virtual with any doctor or coach.

**For companies with 100 or more team members enrolled.

***Rules for use of FSA/HSA dollars are set by you and your health insurance provider. We cannot guarantee these funds are applicable to our membership.

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Kind Words from Parsley Health Members

“I thought I was healthy. I constantly battled allergies and asthma, but was still able to compete as a triathlete. At that time, ‘managing’ my problems meant 5 pills and 4 inhalers a day. Within 5 weeks with Parsley Health, I noticed a remarkable difference in my asthma symptoms and was able to reduce my medications significantly. Parsley’s state of the art testing also showed I was pre-diabetic, so we quickly identified problematic foods and sugar sources. I feel confident that the Parsley team will help me live the healthy and prescription drug-free life I deserve.”

-Elizabeth, 41, PHD & CEO, New York City


Parsley Health’s data was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Dr. Berzin diagnosed me with an autoimmune disease called Hashimotos Thyroiditis. None of my doctors had even mentioned it was a possibility. That was what was making me tired, depressed and gaining weight. We’ve essentially been able to eliminate all of the symptoms. The most unexpected benefit has been the mental clarity that I’ve re-discovered over the past six months that I couldn’t achieve with over ten years of weekly psychologist appointments.”

-Richard, 35, Real Estate Executive, New York City


“I’m 29 and healthy, but I was having trouble getting pregnant. My OB/GYN immediately recommended expensive fertility treatments.

After three months with Parsley, I got pregnant naturally.”

-Johana, 29, Writer, San Francisco

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