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The mind-body connection

Symptoms like anxiety, low mood, and brain fog can signal imbalances in the body. Our members treat their mental and physical wellbeing together.

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Are these symptoms affecting your mental wellbeing?



Acute anxiety

Acute depression

Panic attacks

Digestive issues

Postpartum anxiety

Postpartum depression

Brain fog


Headaches / migraines

Chronic fatigue

A holistic approach to healing
Exploring the whole you
Your care team will get to know you and run diagnostic tests to help connect the dots between your mind and body.
Personalized protocols
Treat the root cause of your symptoms with recommendations for nutrition, supplements, medication, sleep, and exercise.
Ongoing collaboration
Work with a health coach to find a stress management plan that helps you relieve and manage symptoms when they happen.

Feel like yourself again—without the symptoms.


Meet your Care Team.

Online or in-center, we take the time to go beyond the symptoms to find the root of your chronic condition.

Get personalized lab work.

Advanced diagnostics and lab work tell us even more about you so we can create a personalized plan to help improve your health.

Begin healing.

Nutrition and lifestyle changes give you the clearest path forward with ongoing support to help you succeed.
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The psychology of change.

After a tumultuous year, Caitlin lived with stress and anxiety symptoms. Then she renewed her focus on health and discovered beneficial ways to manage stress and learned to advocate for her wellbeing.

How Parsley changes lives

Improve your mental wellness. Get started with Parsley today.

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Finding the mind/body connections

Parsley doctors test overlooked factors like nutrition, gut health, and hormones that may contribute to symptoms like anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

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Peace of mind and body.

12 Month Program
Or, pay upfront and save $250

Your first month free.

$175 per month after.


5 annual in-depth medical or clinical visits and 5 annual health coach visits

Your first visit is one hour, during which our highly-trained doctors and clinician teams map your health biography, discuss your symptoms, and create a personalized health plan designed to identify and treat persistent symptoms and conditions.

HSA & FSA eligible. Out-of-network reimbursement up to 70%

You can use an FSA or HSA for your visits with us. Our care may be covered by your insurance provider as out-of-network medical care — many members get up to 70% reimbursed.

Access to diagnostic testing for hormones, genetics and more

Testing is convenient and can be done at home or at a local lab. Our in-depth diagnostic panel looks at inflammation, hormones, nutrient status, heart health, allergies, genetics, and more, unlike traditional primary care medicine. Costs may apply depending on your insurance.

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans

Plans are tailored specifically for your needs and goals. They cover diagnostic testing, nutrition, fitness, mental health, medications, medical-grade supplement recommendations, and more.

Exclusive perks with popular health and wellness brands

Access over 50 wellness partners as well as a 20% discount on Parsley Health supplements.

Unlimited messaging and support

Get answers, schedule appointments, and manage prescriptions, all in your secure patient portal, My Parsley.