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The hormone balancing act

Even a small change in hormone levels can cause a number of side effects. Learn how our members are taking action to right the scale.

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Discover the optimal levels for you.

Many doctors miss the signs of hormonal imbalance. That’s why Parsley Health works closely with you to identify the root cause of symptoms to create a truly personalized health plan.

Treat your hormone imbalance.


Uncover and treat pituitary, adrenal, or thyroid gland disorders to re-regulate ovulation.


Make lifestyle changes to help ease symptoms caused by hormonal imbalance.


Manage increases in symptoms like mood swings, acne, and headaches with natural solutions.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Balance testosterone and insulin levels with dietery changes and supplements.

Irregular periods

Identify causes of irregular cycles like estrogen dominance, thyroid problems, and PCOS.

Adrenal dysfunction

Support your adrenal health and improve excess cortisol production.
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A hormone healing journey.

Soji knew something was wrong but felt dismissed by conventional medicine. Even as a strong advocate for her health, she struggled to find answers. That is, until she discovered Parsley.

A holistic approach.
Nutrition changes
Your care team can help identify and find alternatives to foods effecting your insulin, estrogen, and testosterone levels.
Fine-tune movement
Get suggestions on maintaining an active lifestyle to generate healthy hormones with a range of health benefits.
Unwind and recover
Talk with your team about your stress triggers and sleep habits. Less stress and more sleep will improve your cortisol levels, sex hormones, and appetite hormones like ghrelin and leptin.

Your hormones. On your level.

Balance your hormones. Get started with Parsley today.

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Hormone testing: 101

Parsley doctors look at dozens of sex and adrenal hormones to fully understand your hormone production and function throughout the day.

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Mary's path to healing.

Mary struggled for years with pain, digestive symptoms, sleep issues, low energy, and anxiety. Uncovering a hormonal imbalance was the game-changing diagnosis she needed to get her health back on track.

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Fertility Support
Understand the root cause of infertility, including key factors like hormonal imbalances and genetics.
Thyroid Health
Go deep on your thyroid levels with in-depth testing and lifestyle strategies to manage hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and Hashimoto’s.

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