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We have answers about your unexplained illness

Exhausted? Overwhelmed? In pain? Our doctors go deeper to understand your body and create a personalized plan for healing.

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Symptoms we solve.

Instead of overmedicating, we get to the root cause so we can successfully treat chronic conditions and help you feel better.



Irregular periods


Joint pain


Brain fog



Skin rashes

Depressed mood

Allergic reactions

Understanding the root cause unlocks your ability to heal.


of Parsley Health members see an improvement in symptoms during their membership.

Proven programs that have worked for thousands of members with symptoms like yours.


In-depth assessment.

We spend the time it takes to understand your health history, lifestyle, and symptoms with in-depth questionnaires and virtual or in person appointments (NY and LA).

Prescriptions for the advanced tests you need.

Based on your symptoms, we recommend advanced testing to better understand what is happening inside your body. With these results and our clinical analysis, we create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your medical needs, nutrition and lifestyle.

A personalized plan that gets results.

With nutrition, movement, stress-management, and supplement support, 79% of Parsley members improve or resolve their symptoms and 77% reduce necessary prescriptions.
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5 annual in-depth medical or clinical visits and 5 annual health coach visits

Your first visit is one hour, during which our highly-trained doctors and clinician teams map your health biography, discuss your symptoms, and create a personalized health plan designed to identify and treat persistent symptoms and conditions.

HSA & FSA eligible. Out-of-network reimbursement up to 70%

You can use an FSA or HSA for your visits with us. Our care may be covered by your insurance provider as out-of-network medical care — many members get up to 70% reimbursed.

Access to diagnostic testing for hormones, genetics and more

Testing is convenient and can be done at home or at a local lab. Our in-depth diagnostic panel looks at inflammation, hormones, nutrient status, heart health, allergies, genetics, and more, unlike traditional primary care medicine. Costs may apply depending on your insurance.

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans

Plans are tailored specifically for your needs and goals. They cover diagnostic testing, nutrition, fitness, mental health, medications, medical-grade supplement recommendations, and more.

Exclusive perks with popular health and wellness brands

Access over 50 wellness partners as well as a 20% discount on Parsley Health supplements.

Unlimited messaging and support

Get answers, schedule appointments, and manage prescriptions, all in your secure patient portal, My Parsley.

Our highly trained medical experts.

Experienced providers

Led by clinicians and staffed with health coaches, your Care Team practices clinically effective holistic medicine designed for your unique body.

Science-backed care

We’re trained in evidence-based functional medicine, nutrition, and comprehensive testing to interpret your symptoms, then develop an actionable plan for a better, healthier life.

Committed to your health

Your long-term health is our goal, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Why our members love us.