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The inside story on your stomach

Digestive symptoms are obvious, the root cause is often a mystery. Learn how our members followed their gut and found relief.

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Major healing for your microbiome.

Your gut has over 100 trillion microorganisms that regulate digestion and protect against pathogens. Parsley Health uses advanced testing to get a deeper understanding of your digestive health to develop your personalized health plan.

Treat your digestive issues.


Identify the root cause of IBS-like symptoms to find a treatment plan that works.


Make lifestyle changes to ease symptoms of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.


Get relief for bloating, gas, abdominal pain, and more with a comprehensive health plan.

Food intolerances

Uncover and eliminate foods that may be triggering digestive symptoms.

Acid reflux / GERD

Heal your gut and improve digestive functioning to finally feel good after you eat.


Discover dietary strategies to prevent painful symptoms and manage flare-ups.
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Following a gut reaction.

Even after seeing dozens of specialists, Jackie was no closer to understanding her digestive issues and chronic fatigue. Parsley Health helped her to discover the inside story.

A holistic approach.
Heal your gut
Your care team can recommend dietary changes, supplements, and lifestyle modifications to repair your gut and relieve symptoms.
Improve digestive function
Eliminating certain foods, doubling down on others, managing stress, and finding the right exercise routine can restore optimal gut activity.
Boost your microbiome
Work with a health coach on a game plan to increase beneficial bacteria and keep inflammation low for the long term.

Your healthy digest.

Improve your gut health. Get started with Parsley today.

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Microbiome testing: 101

Parsley providers test your digestive symptoms, inflammatory markers, and signs of pathogens. Our in-depth analysis will give you and your care team a complete view of your digestive health.

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A 6-part plan for healing your gut, including the foods, supplements, and mind-body tactics our clinicians use.

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