How Insights by Parsley Health Can Jumpstart Your Health Journey

Mekita Rivas
February 24, 2022

Like many people, I’ve been faced with unanswered questions about my health for so long, whether it’s, “Why am I so tired all the time?” to “How come my appetite is all over the place?” And, to be honest, I’ve been pretty resigned to the fact that I’d just have to live my life without ever really getting the answers I’m looking for. It’s simply part of a giant medical mystery that will never get solved, right?

In addition to being exhausted, though, I was also tired of not knowing why I often felt less-than-great. Parsley Health’s new Insights tool helps people like me figure out what’s going on in my body and my mind. Developed with the clinical team of doctors and health coaches, you can use it to assess your symptoms, gain an understanding of why you’re feeling a certain way, and take on challenges to set you on a path to better health and mental wellbeing.

How does Insights by Parsley Health work?

Once I signed up online , I began with the questionnaire, which is based on the Parsley Symptom Index, a comprehensive tool for assessing your health. Insights asked me about how I’ve been feeling over the last two weeks, addressing physiological symptoms like chest pain , leg swelling, and shortness of breath. Some of these questions I was prepared for, but others were more surprising, especially in the mental health department. How often are you asked whether you’ve experienced any forgetfulness recently? Or whether you’re having difficulty concentrating on tasks?

The follow-up questions, like what time you typically go to bed and how often you multitask while eating, were even more enlightening and got me thinking more critically about those habits. My answers were used to calculate a health score, which is useful for tracking progress over time. (FYI, it cannot be used to treat or diagnose medical conditions, and you should always consult with a licensed medical provider before making any changes.) Using the data I provided, Insights generated a personalized plan that includes specific lifestyle changes and recommendations for my unique needs.

I can opt into different challenges depending on what aspects of my health and wellbeing I want to improve. The first challenge I decided to take on was eating at least one bitter green vegetable each day. This challenge intrigued me more than the others because it made me realize that I probably don’t consume enough bitter greens in my current day-to-day diet. It’s not something I actively think about for my well-being, like drinking more water and taking screen breaks.

Then, I set up a cue to trigger the challenge behavior I wanted to start with. The right cue — mine is “before I finish my dinner” — can be a powerful tool for creating new habits (and actually sticking with them). Next, I set up text message reminders to ensure accountability. When I log into my Insights dashboard, I check in and mark whether I accomplished the task for that day (eating one bitter green vegetable) to meet the expectations of the challenge I signed up for.

Who is an Insights subscription for?

It's for everyone, really! Insights is an accessible way to stay on top of your health through personalized challenge recommendations, a digital routine builder, and an option to receive check-in text messages. Although a subscription doesn’t include access to a doctor or health coach, Parsley Health’s clinical team played a key role in developing Insights so that it’s beneficial for all.

Whether you’re dealing with digestive woes, fatigue you can’t quite shake, or any other number of chronic issues, Insights works to get you on the right path to feeling better. You’ll receive a foundational awareness of where your health stands today, and set manageable goals so you can make the progress you seek. Start getting the wellness guidance you’ve been looking for with a free 14-day trial subscription . And if you want to dig even deeper with direct doctor access, sign up for a full Parsley Health membership .

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