Have you been looking for a healthy salad that is actually filling and tasty? This is it. The Super Green Salad is a great option for lunch or dinner. It’s filled with clean protein, healthy fats and slow carbs. Not only is it easy to whip up but it will also refuel you for the day ahead! … Read More

Mental Health

The number of patients coming to me with the complaint of fatigue is staggering. Are you feeling tired, wiped out, or spent? Is going to work a struggle regardless of how many hours of sleep you get? Have the activities you once enjoyed become a burden?  Chances are that you are one of the millions … Read More

Wedding Season

Summer means more daylight, warm weather, days at the beach, and wedding season! As you enjoy all the festivities, it’s easy to let your healthy habits slip. On the dietary front, temptation is everywhere: open bars, an endless stream of hor d’oeuvres, multi-course meals, and of course, wedding cake, not to mention the rehearsal dinners, … Read More


With all the vows and promises we’ve made to ourselves so far this year whether it be in the form of a resolution or intentions, it seems that the universal one, the one that everyone and their mama has tweeted and Instagrammed about is centered around detoxifying. And detoxifying, specifically, from alcoholic beverages. If you, have sworn off booze … Read More

Mental Health

If you have never experienced a migraine, consider yourself lucky. Thirty percent of adults worldwide (including myself) have suffered from, what it is usually described as: moderate or severe headaches felt as throbbing pain, including symptoms like nausea and photo or phonophobia (i.e., pain when exposed to light and sound) and in most cases, occurring without specific … Read More

Vitamin D

Now that doctors are checking vitamin D levels more frequently, it seems like everyone has a vitamin D deficiency.  How can it be that evolution has gotten it so wrong?  Some scientists say that the problem isn’t that our levels are too low, but that levels we are aiming for are too high.  If you … Read More

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