Too many parents rely on blind optimism and package labels to tell them what their kids are eating. I wish I could tell you the wildly popular pouches baby food pouches are what they’re claiming to be, but it’s time to pull the wool off your eyes. Here’s the truth — baby food labels have been lying … Read More


It’s officially spring! While many of us look forward to shedding some layers and watching the flowers bloom, folks with allergies dread this season filled with nasal congestion, and Kleenex. You are not alone. Allergies affect about 50 million people in the United States. And they continue to increase every year with most people having more … Read More


Not only is this smoothie rich in vitamin-C, which you need to boost your immune system, this delicious delight might just help you live longer. Goji berries, which are part of this orange crush recipe, are known to increase longevity. Plus they can give you great skin. Looking for more support for your skin, hair and brain health? … Read More


This no-bake sweet recipe is one for the whole family. It is a delicious and healthy alternative to candy bars, and good for any time of the day! You can substitute almond butter instead of peanut butter for more variety. To sweeten things up, the recipe uses medjool dates instead of sugar. Dates, also known … Read More

Health Coach Parsley

“Why should I work with a health coach again?” We often hear this from new members when they do their initial intake with their Parsley Health doctor. While some members come to us because they heard we offered extensive health coaching as part of their membership, many of our patients have never worked with a … Read More

Mental Health

Psychosocial stress occurs on a daily basis in relation to workload and our 24/7 lives, both of which have increased over the past 10 years. The consequences seen are often associated with psychological disorders like depression, but such stress is also associated with a substantially higher number of heart attacks. But does this mean causality? … Read More

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