Salt in Food

There’s a reason we say good people are “the salt of the earth” and reliable people are “worth their salt.” Salt, or sodium chloride, is a valuable mineral. It’s an essential nutrient the human body cannot make itself and plays a role in nerve and muscle function as well as regulating the body’s water content. (No wonder … Read More


Are you tired of eating the same lunch from the same deli every single day? Ditch the boring salad for this warming, filling and healthy lunch bowl recipe. The Nourish Bowl, one of the delicious lunch options from our 7 Day Detox program, is a Parsley Health favorite. You can prepare most of the ingredients … Read More

Chronic Stress
Mental Health

Once a week we hear from real Parsley Health members, in their own words, about how working with Parsley Health has changed their lives. This week we’re talking to Alexandra Demidova, an accountant and former student athlete who couldn’t find relief from her chronic stress. As a young athlete who grew up in a health conscious family … Read More

Sleep Disorder

Many Americans are suffering from a sleep disorder that will go undiagnosed. How can you tell if it’s really a problem? You wake up after a full 8 hours of sleep. You hit the snooze button. Once, maybe twice. Then you drag yourself out of bed searching for the nearest source of caffeine. Sound familiar? … Read More

Healthy Wine

Our patients ask us all the time, “Is wine good for me? If so, what is the best type to drink? According to Parsley Health’s San Francisco Medical Director Dr. Tiffany Lester, all wine is not created equal and it’s not just about box vs. bottle. Even expensive wine can be loaded with preservatives, additives, and … Read More


We treat patients suffering from indigestion on a daily basis. Patients come to us with symptoms like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, gas… These problems can affect your mood, give you brain fog, and decrease your productivity, not to mention the physical discomfort you have to carry around all day. One of our most common recommendations for improved … Read More

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