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The Parsley Health Guide to a Healthier Thanksgiving

Holidays can be magical. They can also be rough. Underneath the pumpkin spice lattes and twinkling lights can be a ball of stress and anxiety.

At Parsley Health we see a spike in doctor visits and patient questions on how to get through the holiday season. Below we share some of our favorite tips for a healthier Thanksgiving.

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  1. Get some fresh air. This applies to everyone. Unless there is a blizzard outside, bundle up, put on some sneaks and get moving. Just 15 minutes of low intensity exercise can curb insulin spikes after a heavy meal.
  2. Take a natural approach to anxiety. L-theanine is an amino acid found in green tea. It acts on neurotransmitters in the brain to produce a calm alertness. Known to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve sleep, it’s easy to throw a few sachets in your travel bag. Note: Choose your tea carefully as many brands have natural flavors and are covered in pesticides. My favorite brands include Rishi, Numi, and Traditional Medicinals which are organic and non-GMO certified.

3. Treat yourself. It’s easy to over-indulge in desserts, alcohol, and carbs because it’s everywhere! To avoid binging on pumpkin pie, make a nourishing protein shake an hour before you go to your event. Our Rebuild shake provides an astounding 26 grams of plant based protein that will help ward off sugar cravings.

4. Support your immune system. During this time of year it’s easy to become stressed. When our bodies are stressed our cortisol rises when can dampen our immune system. Meditation has been clinically proven to reduce cortisol levels and is completely free. You can even make it a family affair. Download one of our favorite meditation apps, Headspace (free yearly membership for Parsley members) and let it lead your family through a guided meditation.

5. Get enough sleep. The holiday season often includes travel and sleeping in less than ideal environments. Bringing small comforts of home with you can make a huge difference. I never leave home without ear plugs, satin sleep mask, and an essential oil blend to roll on my pulse points. Essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang, and bergamot are soothing to the nervous system and can help your brain relax and unwind.

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