Free Online Course: Starting Your Holistic Healing Journey

Join Dr. Robin Berzin, founder and CEO of Parsley Health for an inside look at how holistic medicine can resolve ongoing symptoms and heal the body from the inside out.


Are you tired of feeling sick?

Holistic medicine looks at the root causes of symptoms like bloating, fatigue, irregular periods, and weight gain and uses nutrition and lifestyle modifications to heal. Learn the practices Robin Berzin, MD, uses in her medical practice to help her patients with autoimmune disease, IBS, hormonal issues, and more. You’ll walk away with easy to implement practices that you can start doing from home.

Here's what you'll learn:

How your lifestyle and environment impacts your health

Find out the science behind why we're all so sick and how conventional medicine has been failing us.

Holistic approaches to healing

The biological mechanisms you can tap into to start your path to resolving ongoing health issues.

Dr. Berzin's 5-step program

Evidence-based tips for nutrition, stress, movement, toxin removal, and more that you can begin right away.

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