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Brain Health: Our Top 5 Posts

This week is all about the brain! Brain Power: Food, Tech and Genomics starts tomorrow in Los Angeles and we’re preparing by sharing our top 5 posts on brain health.

All week long, we’ll be bringing you livestream from the events, recipes, and informative articles so you can optimize your mental health and get your focus and performance on track. Be sure to check in here each day and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Top 5 Brain Health Posts

  1. Suffering from brain fog? Here are 5 ways to beat it.
  2. Is your iPhone another appendage? Find out what all that screen time is really doing to you and how to fix it.
  3. Lost your creative spark? Try meditating.
  4. If you’re running on empty, you need to read the  5 ways to stay healthy when you’re stressed and near burnout.
  5. Meditation changes the structure of your brain, and can be better than medicine.

See you tomorrow for more on brain health!

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