The Best Pregnancy and Newborn Baby Stuff
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Parsley Health's
Baby Stuff Guide

The Best Organic and Non-Toxic Baby Stuff for Pregnancy, Newborns and Infants

Pregnancy and the early days of motherhood are an incredible time for a family. It’s a time of tremendous change for moms, dads, and of course for newborns who are transitioning out of the warmth and security of the womb into a world that is loud and bright and often overwhelming. Every mother and father wants what is best for their child, but wading through endless lists and reviews of pregnancy and baby gear, newborn products and stuff is exhausting and doesn’t always tell you any of the things you want to know.

At Parsley Health we work with women looking to get pregnant, expecting mothers and new parents every single day. Our founder and CEO, Dr. Robin Berzin, welcomed her first child earlier this year and spent months road testing pregnancy and baby products so that she would feel comfortable using them with her son and recommending them to her patients.

Together with Parsley Health member and fellow new mom, Alexi Ashe, Dr. Berzin has curated Parsley Health’s ultimate guide to the best non-toxic baby gear, products, supplements, clothes, furniture, food, books and more for a healthy pregnancy and baby’s first year.

Friends and patients ask me every day what products I used during pregnancy and what I feel safe using for my newborn, Dachs.

Together with my friend Alexi, I’ve put created this handy guide of Parsley Health approved baby products and gear!  Enjoy in good health.


Robin Berzin MD
Founder and CEO
Parsley Health


Skin Care / Beauty


  • Parsley Health Prenatal Essentials 1 packet daily
  • Vitamin D3/K2 10 drops daily in water or smoothie (5000IU)
  • Probiotics  2 daily
  • Vital Choice High Potency DHA 2 daily to support baby’s brain development
  • Optional – Magnesium Glycinate 2 daily for muscle cramps, insomnia
  • Herbs – At Parsley Health we generally recommend avoiding most herbal supplements during pregnancy unless you are guided by a knowledgeable provider. If you are taking herbs please tell your doctor.

Birth / Bring to Hospital

Note for when in the hospital – take home the dry wipes they supply you for the baby.  You cannot buy these, and they are great for getting off the meconium.  Just use with water or coconut oil.

Also, ask hospital for extra ice pack/pads if needed, an abdominal binder, peri bottle, sitz bath, hospital grade pacifiers, cushion for sitting and pumping parts.  They will give you all of this, and it’s better to have on hand in case you need. –RB MD

Schedule a free conversation with a Parsley Health expert to learn about our comprehensive approach to a healthy pregnancy.


Bath & Skin Care:

Lotion alternative

Diaper balm

Bath Soap alternative

  • Organic cold-pressed Banyan coconut oil – 1tbs in bath – keeps skin clear and moist, no need for soap!


Good to have at least 2


Post Circumcision


Infant Nail Clippers & File

Hygiene Cold & Flu

*These three things can save you a trip to the ER –RB MD

Breast Milk Gear / Bottles


  • Como Tomo – BPA free, reduce nipple confusion, pure silicone

Bottle Sterilizer

Drying Rack

Blankets Clothes / Swaddles


  • Coyuchi Baby – also beautiful organic towels bibs burp cloths and sheets

Swaddles / Sleepsacks

A note on swaddles – Every baby is unique!  Don’t buy multiples of one kind until you know what works for you.  Borrow!


If you live in a city like NYC and don’t always use your own car to get around, you will probably also want a car seat that snaps into your stroller and also doesn’t require a base – good for traveling and cabs. –RB MD

Car Seat (Non Toxic)

  • Clek Foonf Free of bromine and chlorine-based flame retardants
  • Nuna Pipa is a good option; it incorporates a safer flame retardant (ammonium polyphosphate) as well as Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and doesn’t treat the exterior fabric.  It works with the bugaboo stroller with a converter





The best! Keeps them quiet, puts them to sleep as infants and lets you be hands-free. (And stops people from trying to touch your newborn)


(Many also have blankets, swaddles and toys)

Diapers Wipes & Diaper Accessories


Wipes & accessories:

Wipe Warmer

Changing Pad

  • Keekaroo peanut –  non toxic, easy to wash. Only thing is you may want a sheet or towel on top of it as it can be cold for newborns, but that’s easier to wash than a pad by far!

Diaper Pail

Diaper Bag

We highly recommend a backpack, because if you have the baby in a carrier on your back, a shoulder bag is very awkward and you want to be hands-free, so here are a few of varying prices:

What to put in your diaper bag

Whether you’re looking to get pregnant or already there Parsley Health can help you be the healthiest you can be. Let’s talk today.

Schedule a free conversation with a Parsley Health expert to learn about our comprehensive approach to a healthy pregnancy.

Child (6m+)


High Chairs

Cups / Cutlery


Eating Mat

Cook Books

Ice Trays





Bath Mats

Pain Relief


  • Thinkbaby Sunscreen non-nano zinc. They say safe after 6 months, I would try to wait until 1 year

Bath Toys

Get the Parsley Health pregnancy guide.

Local Resources

New York City

Prenatal Services

  • Love Child Yoga – Prenatal Yoga, Doulas, Hypno Birthing, New parent series with lactation support, infant safety classes, infant massage and movement class, plus much more for Mom’s!

Pre-Natal Massages/Self-Care (in home)

  • Motherly Love (has massage table with cushion for downward facing massages- a real treat when pregnant)
  • Amanda 718-869-6980
  • Savor Spa ask for Cynthia King or text directly for in home –  202-409-4453 (doesn’t bring table)
  • Lara Kohn Thompson – prenatal massage/craniosacral and post-natal pelvic floor rehab

Cranial Sacral Massages for Infants

  • Amy Baker 917-509-6115
  • Very helpful with an array of breastfeeding issues from weak latch to “tongue tie”

Physical Therapy


Breastfeeding Clinic/Class

  • Class with a board certified lactation consultant – *note Dr. Berzin found this more helpful than the expensive consultants who come to you and much more affordable!
  • Wild Was Mama
  • Carriage House Birth




  • Yinova Center (Parsley Health members get specials perks here!)
  • Anna Kelley 646-279-3308

This guide was prepared for Parsley Health by Alexi Ashe and Robin Berzin MD.

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