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Personalized medical care that treats the root cause of your symptoms.
Visits with Parsley doctors are covered by Aetna
Access to advanced diagnostic testing
5 health coach visits
Personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans
Unlimited messaging and support

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Parsley doctor visits are now covered by Aetna NY. You’ll get the same amazing personalized care, for a whole lot less.

Personalized medical care

What’s included in your membership

5 clinician visits and 5 health coach visits

With regular appointments and unlimited messaging on the My Parsley portal, you and your clinician get to know each other and stay connected. Your dedicated health coach supports you as you make targeted lifestyle changes that lead to better health.

Access to advanced diagnostic testing
Personalized care and lifestyle plans
Unlimited messaging and support

Understanding what insurance covers

How do I confirm coverage with my insurance?
Are lab tests included in my membership?
Can I use my FSA or HSA for my Parsley membership or other costs?

Many of our members use their FSA/HSA to pay for copays, specialty tests, and supplements. However, we recommend checking with your FSA/HSA company/carrier first for clarification as to how you can use these funds. In case there is any additional documentation you need, just ask—we're happy to help.

Where can I find invoices for insurance reimbursement?
What costs can I expect to see for blood work?
What costs can I expect to see for specialty testing?